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Binding Wire

Binding Wire

Binding wire is a type of wire commonly used for binding or tying various materials together in construction, packaging, or other applications. It is known for its flexibility, strength, and ease of use. Binding wire comes in various materials, such as steel or galvanized steel, and is available in different gauges or thicknesses to suit different applications.

Binding wire is an essential and widely used material in construction and other industries where the secure tying or bundling of materials is required. Its strength, flexibility, and ease of use make it a valuable tool in various applications.


Soft and Easy to Handle

Soft and easy to handle, allowing for convenient use in construction.

Secure and Tight Binding

Provides secure and tight binding, ensuring the stability of construction materials.

Various Gauges Available

Various gauges available for different applications, offering flexibility in use.



Used to bind and secure construction materials like rebar in concrete structures.

Packaging and Bundling

Used in packaging and bundling applications to secure items together.

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