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Decking Sheets

Decking Sheets

Decking sheets are profiled steel sheets used in construction as structural components for flooring systems. These sheets are typically made from galvanized steel or other metals and come with various profiles and designs to meet specific structural and aesthetic requirements. The primary purpose of decking sheets is to provide a stable and durable platform for concrete to be poured and form a composite slab.

Decking Sheets


Profile Design

Decking sheets are typically profiled, providing strength and load-bearing capacity. The profile design may vary based on the manufacturer and specific application.

Material Composition

Commonly made from materials like galvanized steel, these sheets are often coated for corrosion resistance, ensuring durability.

Ribbed Structure

The ribbed structure enhances the load-carrying capacity and provides structural integrity, making them suitable for construction applications.


Despite their strength, decking sheets are often lightweight, facilitating ease of handling and installation.

Weather Resistance

Coatings on decking sheets provide protection against weathering, making them suitable for outdoor applications.


Flooring Systems

Decking sheets are commonly used as a flooring material in construction projects, providing a stable and robust surface for various structures.


Used as a roofing material in industrial and commercial buildings, providing support for roofing systems and insulation.

Bridge Construction

Suitable for use in bridge construction, providing a durable and load-bearing surface for bridge decks.

Warehouses and Factories

Widely used in warehouses and factories for flooring and roofing applications due to their strength and durability.

Car Parking Structures

Decking sheets are employed in the construction of car parking structures, offering a sturdy platform for vehicles.

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