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Square Rod/Plain Rod

Square Rod/Plain Rod

The terms "Square Rod" or "Plain Rod" may refer to a solid rod or bar with a square cross-section. These types of rods are typically made of materials like steel, aluminum, or other alloys and are used in various applications in construction, manufacturing, and fabrication.

These rods are versatile and can serve multiple purposes in different industries. The "Plain Rod" term generally implies that the rod is not threaded or specially modified; it is a straight, solid rod with a consistent square cross-section.

Square Rod/Plain Rod


Square Cross-Section

The square cross-section provides stability and support.


Versatile for various fabrication applications, offering flexibility in design.

Residential and Industrial Use

Can be used in both residential and industrial projects, catering to a wide range of construction needs.


Furniture Manufacturing

Used in the manufacturing of furniture, providing a stable framework.


 Commonly used in the construction of frames and supports.

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