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Glass Wool

Glass Wool

Glass wool is insulation made from glass fibers arranged like wool. It traps air pockets, making it great at keeping things warm or cold. You can get it in rolls, sheets, or spray-on form. Games Slayter came up with the modern way to make it while working at Owens-Illinois Glass Co.

Features of Glass Wool

  • Excellent thermal insulation properties: Glass wool effectively traps air pockets, providing efficient thermal insulation to regulate indoor temperatures.
  • Versatility: Glass wool is available in different forms like rolls, sheets, or spray-on applications, making it adaptable to various installation needs.
  • Lightweight: Glass wool is easy to handle and install due to its lightweight nature.
  • Fire resistance: It naturally resists fire, enhancing safety in buildings.
  • Sound absorption: Besides thermal insulation, it also absorbs sound, reducing noise transmission within buildings.
  • Durability: Glass wool insulation is long-lasting and doesn't degrade over time.
  • Environmental sustainability: Made from recycled materials and recyclable itself, glass wool is environmentally friendly.
  • Non-combustibility: It doesn't contribute to fire spread, adding an extra layer of safety in buildings.

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Glass Wool

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