What we do?

We do the best we can with what we have.

  • Sales: We take orders in bulk quantity as well as make general sales. You can place your order from the nearest store of Rajesh Hardwares Pvt. Ltd. and as per your preference, you might pay beforehand or on delivery (both cash and cheque are accepted).


  • Delivery:  We assure safe and correct loading and unloading and, ensure that you collect entire and undamaged goods timely. On time delivery chiefly contributes to the customer satisfaction and also is the testament to our principle Solid Commitment. That is why, we make sure you are fetched timely.


  • Shipping: For your convenience, we transport your order as per your requirement and location. Especially for the orders in bulk quantity, we make the workmen available for loading and unloading purposes. The service is complimentary with applied terms and conditions.


  • Inter-depot transaction: Wherever we be, we work together as one firm to serve our customers. So, you can place your order at any of our stores that is convenient to you and, are expected to receive your order likewise.


  • Free counseling: Will this iron bar stand the upcoming quake? Will this sheet bear corrosion? What about the weight? You might come across numerous such questions while choosing hardware materials. This is exactly where our experts come in. We are always on hand to answer your questions and lessen your worries. We speak out of experience thus giving you efficient and reliable solutions. The consultation is free of cost; the only thing we require is your valuable time. Consult us and you are halfway to making a fine decision.