Our biggest assets are our customers. It is through them that we have built our extensive channel of networking and links, thus bringing us to this position in our field of business. Also, another asset we believe in is our Vendors who have been a constant support in helping us grow over decades.

Thanking all our present associates and members, we cordially welcome all the interested participants who look forward to sharing a business platform with us.

Partnership goals:

  • To introduce new trades that hold existing customer relationships and complements the integrity
  • To make the best use of partners’ expertise, skills, experience and network
  • To function in an effective and productive manner and ensure long term stability

We are a multi-million firm holding diversified investments in :

  • Banking sector
  • Real Estate Development
  • Food & Hospitality
  • Healthcare
  • Iron and Steel Manufacturing sector

List of our sister concerns are :

  • Siddhartha Hardwares, Butwal – Sister Concern
  • Shalimar Steel Pvt Ltd, Birgunj – Industry
  • Goyal Metal Industries Pvt Ltd, Kathmandu – Industry
  • Shalimar Food & Hospitality Pvt. Ltd., Kathmandu – Gulab Sweets
  • Vayodha Hospitals Pvt. Ltd., Kathmandu
  • Narayani Vayodha Pvt Ltd (under construction), Birgunj
  • Vaishno Fiber Industries, Kathmandu – Trading Firm
  • Vaishno Traders, Kathmandu – Trading Firm