Business Affiliates


With an aim to achieve global heights, Rajesh Hardwares Pvt Ltd has partnered and invested with organizations from different sectors. Our major partnerships and investments are :

Our Partners

  • Siddhartha Hardwares
  • Goyal Metal
  • Vayodha Hospitals
  • Rajesh Sanitaryware
  • Vaishno Fiber
  • Vaishno Enterprises
  • Shaurya Enterprises
  • Aditya Enterprises
  • Siddhartha Overseas  Somany Distributor, Tiles, Khudra
  • Sidhartha Metal J Hook, Spring Factory

Our Investments

  • Gulab Sweets
  • Shalimar Cement
  • Shalimar Steel Pvt Ltd
  • Vayodha Hospitals
  • Grande International
  • Rajesh Sanitaryware
  • Coal
  • AAC Blocks


  • Siddhartha Hardwares : Started as a sister concern to Rajesh Hardwares Pvt. Ltd., Siddhartha Hardwares was established to cover the Western & Far-Western region of the country. It now operates through five wholesale depots covering the cities of Butwal, Bhairahawa and Kohalpur.
  • Vaishno Enterprises: To facilitate and ease the import process of hardware goods, Vaishno Enterprises was incorporated to serve consumers with more affordable goods. It majorly imports hardware materials that supply construction and maintenance.
  • Rajesh Sanitarywares: The next need of the customer after initial construction – tiles and sanitaryware  is taken care of by Rajesh Sanitaryware. It is also the major dealer of Somany and  Hindware™ brands. They also provide the customers with services like plumbing and all the accessories required for the installation of the products.
  • Goyal Impex Pvt. Ltd.: Taking a step towards environmental conservation, we partnered to bring Aluminium Doors & Window fittings for our customers. Dealers of some trusted brands like Mount™ and Rohit™ of aluminium profiles, this firm also deals with Aluminium Composite Panels.


  • Goyal Metal Industries Pvt. Ltd.: Pioneering the Stainless Steel Pipe manufacturing sector of the country, Goyal Metal Industries Pvt Ltd is the largest unit of the SS Pipe manufacturing sector in Nepal. Popularly known as JINDAL pipes, the firm boasts the production of most efficient quality pipes for commercial and residential use which can be installed both indoors and outdoors.
  • Nepal Shalimar Cement Pvt Ltd.: Nepal Shalimar Cement Pvt Ltd is located in Birgunj and deals with manufacturing of building materials.
  • Vaishno Fiber Industries Pvt Ltd: They manufacture fiber sheets and a varied array of Fiber Related Products like chairs, bathtubs, benches, school playstations, dustbins, chemical tanks and many such items.
  • Siddhartha Metal: Established in Butwal, this is primarily a J-Hook and Spring manufacturing unit.
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  • Shalimar Sweets & Hospitality Pvt Ltd: More popularly known as Gulab Sweets, this is a franchise unit of the century old Delhi-famous Indian fast-food brand Gulab. You can spot several counters of Gulab across major Bhat Bhateni stores within Kathmandu.


  • Vayodha Hospitals Pvt Ltd: Affiliated to Fortis Escorts, New Delhi for cardiac services, Vayodha Hospitals, Kathmandu, is a multi-specialty hospital that envisions Cure with Care. With two fully accredited Acute Care Medical facilities and a combined capacity of 50 beds, they are the first hospital in the nation to have modified the mode of rescue from Wheels to Wings with a rooftop helipad.
  • Narayani Vayodha Pvt Ltd: Sister concern to Vayodha Hospitals Pvt Ltd, Narayani Vayodha is an upcoming 100-bed hospital in Birgunj serving the Terai region.
  • Grande International Hospital Pvt Ltd: Grande International Hospital, Kathmandu is a multi-specialty hospital that offers preventive and curative healthcare services. The hospital is a 200-bedded, state of the art healthcare facility offering a wide range of medical, surgical and diagnostic services.


  • The Infrastructure and Housing sector not only to provides well furnished flat and commercial spaces but also offers others facilities like swimming pool, playing club, gymnasium etc.