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Who We Are?

The pioneering business of its category, Rajesh Hardwares Pvt. Ltd, was founded by Mr. Sawarmal Agarwal on November 25, 1983 with a Solid Commitment as its founding principle. Since then, we have been a well-established dedicated firm serving to the construction material needs of Nepal. We are amongst the biggest retailers and wholesalers of various construction materials in the country.

The company boasts over 30,000 satisfied customers and has twenty-three branches operating nationwide. Our loyal customers include a wide number of construction companies (existing and upcoming), numerous NGO’s and INGO’s, various wholesalers and retailers and a great number of end users.

The great economic success and prominence of the company are a result of our dedicated service, quality products and, competitive pricing. The flawless implementation of quality and service makes us the most sought for, among the hardware suppliers in the country.

About Us- Who we Are-min
Rajesh Hardware Founder

Lt. Mr. Sawarmal Agrawal

Founder Chairman

Founder’s Message

I am filled with pride and delight to put my words as the Founder Chairman of Rajesh Hardwares Pvt. Ltd. Since our inception in 1983, we have been persistent in our mission of delivering quality products with immaculate services. No matter what the circumstance be; a new technology, a government execution, market trend, or a competitor’s breakaway product, we have mastered in delivering products with outstanding qualities.

Over the years, our business strategies have evolved into one of the best known and it has been a pleasing experience to witness the progress of the business. Today, we have become one of the pioneering business firms in the country. We acknowledge that the position we hold comes from a long way experience and is not an overnight change. A With our professional standards, well-tested policies, nationwide network and dedicated team members we march towards perfection and, growth meanwhile becomes inevitable. In the years to come, we intend to avidly continue with our quality service and contribute the national economy.

Also, having launched a website, I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude towards every customer, vendor, patron, partner, and employee that Rajesh Hardwares is privileged with. Your presence will never go unnoticed and your support will always be appreciated. I hope you will make the most of our services.




At Rajesh Hardwares Pvt. Ltd., we aspire to satisfy each and every customer we deal with by means of quality products and services. Our marketing strategy has always been growth oriented. With continuous dedication and diligence we have reached great heights and in the years to come, we see ourselves striving for the best and contributing the national development.


Our primary mission is customer satisfaction. Your satisfaction is our pride and, with a promise to grow our services furthermore, we aim:

  1. to take on new challenges and outstand them
  2. to provide a complete range of competitive products
  3. to revolutionize the hardware industry by introducing new products
  4. to magnify our credibility
  5. to start manufacturing company as well
  6. to contribute the national economy

Our History

1st branch opened in Teku
10th branch opened in Dhumbarahi
20th branch opened in Bhaisepati
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