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Rajesh Hardware is your one stop solution. We are building the nation with solid commitment, since 1983. Rajesh Hardware is the pioneering business of its category in Nepal. The company supplies products required for construction purposes and specialises in iron, steel and magnesium.


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Who Are We?

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Choosing the right building materials for your establishment is a tedious as well as a time-consuming task, also the desire for the best makes it even harder. Keeping this in mind, Rajesh Hardwares Pvt. Ltd. is the one stop solution for all that you want.

We serve more than 30,000 of satisfied customers, becoming the largest hardware dealership company in Nepal. The hospitable treatment, expert advice, excellent service, and unimpeachable products we manifest set us apart. So, if there is one place where you find your fit, it has to be Rajesh Hardwares.

Why Choose us?

Quality Products

At Rajesh Hardwares, we give our customers an insight into impeccable quality products. To us, earning your contentment by means of our services is beyond the monetary values.

Best Rates

The products available at Rajesh Hardwares possess an unimpeachable quality and fair pricing. Here, you can enjoy the best products at the best rates.


Our products are manufactured in India, China and, in different parts of Nepal.

All Over Nepal


With a motive to be accessible to all, we have expanded our business nationwide. Currently, there are more than twenty running branches across the country.

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